A la Fontaine, restaurant-bar established for more than 40 years, located in the village of Sutton having a cultural and sporting aspect very developed. A building more than centenary,2 apartments above. Enjoy a loyal clientele to create your own project, while having the opportunity to obtain customers, businesses and buildings.

A minimum 50% proof of background is required before all visit requests. THE ASKING PRICE IS NON-NEGOTIABLE.

No visits during dining room opening hours

48 hours notice to visit the 2 rental apartments.

A restaurant established more than 40 years, located in the village of Sutton having a cultural and sporting aspect very developed.

This building is currently a restaurant on the ground floor and 2 condos on the upper levels.

The restaurant has a very functional commercial kitchen. In addition, the restaurant's various dining room locations offer a great alternative, including the most beautiful covered terrace of the village, in a warm vegetation decor. One of the dinning area gives you the possibility to sit near the wood fireplace. 32 seats on the terrace, and 83 seats in the different dining room and bar.
The upstairs condos offer you the possibility of very good income, in a zoning allowing short-term rentals all year. You will have the chance to live in the building of your business, if you wish.
This beautiful, warm building has a high heritage value, not historic. Well located in the village of Sutton, villages offering you, theatres, live music, several art galleries, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, walking trails, cycling and more.

Continue the activities of the well-established building or give yourself room for creativity to bring your personal touch to your new project in the Village of Sutton.

Renovation in 2020

- Complete cold room in Stainless
- Rear floor of the freezer redone
- Changed kitchen counter and sink
- Bar counter
- Varnished section-bar floor
- Floor in the dining room changed
- Floor in front of the changed fireplace
- 2 windows changed in the bar section
- Layout of the workshop in the basement
- Dig around the dining room (on 2 sides) 1 foot deep to put the crushed

Inclusions:  The complete contents of the building, including all that is necessary to operate the restoration and rental apartment.
Exclusions:  Personal effects of the seller and tenants, everything related to alcohol and food, paintings on the walls of the restaurant and apartments.

Area Map